We are having a Ball

Roots in Tune wishes to support the local Balfolk community in Ireland by bringing dancers and musicians together. By doing so, we are having a ball! 

'Balfolk' is a relatively new phenomenom and a name given to numerous events in Europe that incorporate all sorts of traditional dancing and music. The term and events became increasingly popular in the past 20 years (mainly on the continent) and finds it's origins in The North of France. Balfok is known for attracting a new audience that would not have been familiar with traditional music or dancing. Balfolk incorporates dances and music from different regions in Europe, the music is usually a combination of traditional and newly composed trad/folk music. Although bedded in tradition, Balfolk is a 'modern' interpretation of the traditional dance evenings as they have been known all over Europe in the past decades. 

Most founding members of Roots in Tune have met through Balfolk events and we are very happy to assist people who wish to get in contact with the local Balfolk community or who wish to organize Balfolk related events in Ireland. 

Updates on Balfolk related events organized with the help of Roots in Tune can be found in our Upcoming Events  

If interested to get more information, feel free to Contact Us