The Invites

The Invites is an initiative of Roots in Tune to promote intercultural connections within Ireland. With the initiative, Roots in Tune wishes to support members of their community to celebrate and share their ‘Roots’, by inviting inspirational artists from their country of origin and by creating a project with the artists around the culture they represent. The initiative intends to show the richness of a multicultural society, share the joy of it and celebrate the arts from around the world.

The projects can be tailored to the specific nature of the art or culture and can vary depending on the specific project. 

All members of Roots in Tune can present a project to the board of directors, and submit an application. The board will review the proposed project and decide if it is in line with the ethos and vision of Roots in Tune. In return, they’ll propose ways in which they can support the project and the volunteers who intend to organize the project.

Possible support provided by Roots in Tune are:

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Realizations by 'The invites' initiative:

Ensemble workshop with Wouter Vandenabeele