Ensemble workshop with Wouter Vandenabeele

This workshop is the first project supported by ‘Roots in Tune’ through The Invites initiative.

Wouter Vandenabeele is a Belgian violinist and composer from Ghent. He is invited by Els Lemahieu, a Belgian musician who has been living in Ireland since 2015. Wouter is known in Belgium and abroad for his wonderful artistic work and projects such as, Hyraeth, Fiddlers on the move and the folk/worldmusic bands such as ‘Olla Vogala’, ‘Ambrozijn’ and 'Tamala'. He is experienced at leading and composing for large folk and world music ensembles and participated as an artistic mentor on several Ethno projects around the world. He is a well-loved violin and folk ensemble teacher at De Centrale, a world music school in Ghent, and is a master at working with all levels of musicians and backgrounds (both autodidacts as classically trained). Wouter’s first steps into the world of Folk and traditional music was through his love for Irish music, over the past decade he discovered and mastered many other music styles from around the world.

Wouter is delighted to be invited by ‘Roots in Tune’ as it will be his first workshop in Ireland.

The ensemble workshop with Wouter will take place in Roundwood, Co. Wicklow, Ireland from April 2nd till April 7th 2024. Approximately 20 musicians from Belgium and Ireland are invited to join and form the Ensemble during the project. At the end of the project the ensemble will show their work to an audience during a performance.

The project will include a day with an Irish guest tutor who teaches some Irish tunes that will be integrated in the repertoire and arranged by Wouter for the ensemble.

‘Roots in Tune’ is supporting the project through The Invites initiative and will support the volunteers who are organising the project.

If interested in hearing more about this event, simply contact us for further information.